Duyun () is the capital of
Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Qiannan Buyei The Bouyei (also spelled ''Puyi'', ''Buyei'' and ''Buyi''; self called: Buxqyaix, or "Puzhong", "Burao", "Puman"; ; vi, người Bố Y), otherwise known as the Zhongjia, are an ethnic group An ethnic group or ethnicity is ...
Guizhou Guizhou (; alternately Kweichow) is a landlocked province A province is almost always an administrative division Administrative division, administrative unitArticle 3(1). , country subdivision, administrative region, subnational enti ...

province in the
People's Republic of China China (), officially the People's Republic of China (PRC; ), is a country in East Asia East Asia is the eastern region of Asia Asia () is Earth's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere ...

People's Republic of China
. The area surrounding the city was affected by the Miao rebellion of 1735–36. The city participated in the uprising from the early stages until it was forcefully repressed the following year.


Prior to 1949, Duyun was small, but due to economic development in the surrounding area, it became an economic center. It has expanded along the Jian River, becoming several times its previous size.


Duyun City is divided into 5
subdistrictsA subdistrict or sub-district is an administrative division that is generally smaller than a district. Equivalents * Administrative posts of East Timor, formerly Portuguese-language * Kelurahan, in Indonesia * Mukim, a township in Brunei, Indone ...
and 4 towns and 1 Ethnic townships of the People's Republic of China, Ethnic township. Wenfeng subdistrict is the seat of the Duyun City Government and Duyun City Council. *Subdistricts: Wenfeng, Guanghui, Xiaoweizhai, Shabaopu, Lvyinghu *Towns: Mochong, Pinglang, Maojian, Yundong *Ethnic townships: Guilan-shui




*Qiannan Normal College For Nationalities () *Qiannan Medical College For Nationalities () *Qiannan Nationality Professional Technology College ()

Technical school

*Duyun vocational technical school

Senior school

*Duyun NO.1 Middle School *Duyun NO.2 Middle School *Duyun NO.5 Middle School *Duyun NO.8 Middle School

Middle school

*Duyun NO.3 Middle School *Duyun NO.4 Middle School *Duyun NO.6 Middle School *Duyun NO.7 Middle School *Duyun NO.8 Middle School *Duyun NO.9 Middle School *Duyun NO.10 Middle School *Duyun NO.11 Middle School

Primary school

*Duyun NO.1 Primary School *Duyun NO.2 Primary School *Duyun NO.3 Primary School *Duyun NO.4 Primary School *Duyun NO.5 Primary School *Duyun NO.6 Primary School *Duyun NO.7 Primary School *Duyun NO.8 Primary School



*China National Highway 210 *China National Highway 321


*G76 Xiamen–Chengdu Expressway *Guiyang–Xintianzhai Expressway


*Guiyang–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, Guiyang–Nanning High-Speed Railway-Duyun East Railway Station *Guizhou-Guangxi Railway-Duyun Railway Station


The closest airport to Duyun is the Libo Airport located at Libo County. However, most people still use the large and busy airport in the capital city of Guiyang which is around two hours away. The Libo Airport has only a few flights per week and limited destinations while the Guiyang Airport has direct connections to most cities of China.

Relative location

Duyun is about 100 km southeast from Guiyang.


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