The Archaeplastida+HC+SAR megagroup (Archaeplastida comprising the red algae, the green algae, and the land plants) is a group of eukaryotes proposed by Burki ''et al''. (2008). It includes: * Archaeplastida (or kingdom Plantae ''sensu lato'') * Hacrobia (the "HC" refers to Haptista and Cryptista, the two basal clades in the group) * stramenopiles+alveolates+Rhizaria (SAR supergroup) This description includes all Bikonts that are not excavates and Hemimastigophora. It is also referred to as Diaphoretickes () or the SAR/HA Supergroup, or the Corticata with Rhizaria now included in the SAR supergroup. The name Corticata comes from Cavalier-Smith's hypothesis about the common origin of the cortical alveoli of glaucophytes and alveolates. It was previously described as the sum of Archaeplastida, Rhizaria, and chromalveolates. However, this description is obsolete, largely due to the discovery that chromalveolata was not monophyletic. It includes most of the species engaging in photosynthesis, except for the Euglenozoa and Cyanobacteria.


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