''Daniele Cortis'' (also known as ''Elena'') is a 1947 Italian drama film directed by Mario Soldati and starring Vittorio Gassman, Sarah Churchill and Gino Cervi. The film depicts the breakdown of an unhappy marriage in nineteenth-century Italy. It is an adaptation of the 1885 novel of the same title by Antonio Fogazzaro


* Vittorio Gassman as Daniele Cortis * Sarah Churchill as Elena * Gino Cervi as Il marito di Elena * Evi Maltagliati as Isa * Gualtiero Tumiati as Aldo * Rubi D'Alma as Noemi * Massimo Pianforini as Valentino * Marco Tulli as Diego


From a contemporary review, the ''Monthly Film Bulletin'' review noted that the print was cut by about 35 minutes and featured "indifferent dubbing" and a "very poor print quality". The review found that with these issues the film was "incomprehensible", but the film was "an astonishing example of how completely such mutilation can change a film, which in this case was already of indifferent quality."


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