This is a comparison between Chinese provinces and sovereign states' Real Gross Domestic Product based on International Monetary Fund and National Bureau of Statistics of China data. Many of Chinese provinces have large gross domestic product (called gross regional product) which would rank highly on a list of countries world GDP.


All figures are in current international dollars (Int$) average rate: CN¥ 6.9 per US dollar;The average rate of Chinese yuan to US dollar in 2020 is according to the ''Statistical Communiqué of the People's Republic of China on the 2019 National Economic and Social Development'': The average exchange rate of the year was 6.9 RMB to 1 USD dollar.
CN¥4.2 per Int'l. dollar (according to IMF WEO October 2020the historical PPP GDP figures of Mainland China and exchange rates of Chinese yuan to Int'l. dollar are based on the World Economic Outlook Database October 2020 )

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