''Citrus inodora'' or ''Citrus taxonomy#Microcitrus & Eremocitrus, Microcitrus inodora'', commonly known as Russell River lime or large leaf Australian wild lime, is a tree native to the Bellenden Ker Range, Bellenden-Ker Range in northern Queensland, Australia. It grows in lowland tropical rainforest. Much of its native habitat has now been cleared for agricultural use, so the species is becoming quite rare. There has to date been no commercial use of the fruits. ''Citrus inodora'' is a shrub up to tall. The fruit is egg-shaped and yellowish-green. Leaves and flowers are essentially odourless, lacking the aromatic oils characteristic of the genus.


''Citrus maideniana'', also known as ''Microcitrus maideniana'', ''Citrus inodora'' var. ''maideniana'', and Maiden's Australian lime, is sometimes considered a variety or subspecies of ''Citrus inodora''. The two have similar distributions and the deeply depressed apex of the fruit of ''Citrus maideniana'' is the only difference between it and ''Citrus inodora''. It is sometimes considered a synonym of ''Citrus inodora''.


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