Carlos is a masculine given name, the Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Tagalog variant of the English name ''Charles'', from the Germanic ''Karl''. Notable people with the name include:


* Carlos I of Portugal (1863–1908), second to last King of Portugal * Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (1500–1558), Holy Roman Emperor (Karl V) and King of Spain (Carlos I) * Carlos II of Spain, last Habsburg King in Spain * Carlos, Prince of Asturias (1545–1568), son of King Philip II * Carlos III (1716-1788), King of Spain from 10 August 1759 to 14 December 1788 * Carlos IV (1748-1819), King of Spain from 14 December 1788, until his abdication on 19 March 1808 * Infante Carlos, Count of Molina (1788–1855), first of the Carlist claimants to the throne of Spain * Carlos (Calusa) (died 1567), king of the Calusa people of Florida * Carlos Felipe de Schwarzenberg

People in media

* Carlos Alazraqui (born 1962), American actor * Carlos Bernard (born 1962), American actor * Carlos Bustamante, Canadian television personality; former YTV host from 2002-2018 and current reporter of Entertainment Tonight Canada since 2017 * Carlos (DJ) (born in Swindon, Wiltshire), UK Radio Presenter * Carlos Caridad-Montero (born 1967), Venezuelan film director * Carlos Castro (journalist) (1945–2011), Portuguese journalist & murder victim * Carlos Irwin Estévez (Charlie Sheen, born 1965), American actor * Carlos Gutierrez, U.S. Secretary of Commerce * Carlos Mencia (born 1967), comedian, host of ''Mind of Mencia'' on Comedy Central * Carlos Ray Norris (Chuck Norris, born 1940), American actor and martial artist * Carlos Saldanha, Brazilian director * Carlos Watson (journalist) (born 1969), American television host, lawyer, and businessman

People in music

* Carlos Alomar (born 1951), American guitarist, composer and arranger * Carlos do Carmo (1939–2021), Portuguese fado singer * Carlos Cavazo, guitarist in Quiet Riot * Carlos Chávez (1899–1978), Mexican composer, conductor, and educator * Carlos Dengler (born 1974), American actor, bassist, and founding member of the band Interpol * Carlos Gardel (1890–1935), prominent figure in the history of tango music * Carlos Montoya (1903–1993), prominent flamenco guitarist * Carlos Pena Jr. (born 1989,) American singer, dancer and actor * Carlos Ponce (born 1972), Puerto Rican actor, singer, composer and television personality * Carlos Santana (born 1947), Mexican musician, leader of the band Santana * Carlos Vives (born 1961), Colombian singer * Carlos Ward (born 1940), jazz alto saxophonist and flautist

People in sport

* Carlos Davis (American football) (born 1996), American football player * Carlos Garay (born 1972), American football player * Carlos Henderson (born 1994), American football player * Carlos Hendricks (born 1983), American football player * Carlos Huertas (born 1991) Colombian racing driver * Carlos James (American football) (born 1972), American football player * Carlos Joseph (1980-2021), American football player * Carlos Moyá (born 1976), Spanish tennis player * Carlos Muñoz (racing driver) (born 1992), Colombian racing driver * Carlos Nieto (born 1976), Italian-Argentine rugby union player * Carlos Sainz (born 1962), Spanish World Rally Championship driver, 1990 and 1992 champion. * Carlos Sainz Jr. (born 1994), Formula 1 driver for Scuderia Ferrari * Carlos Watkins (born 1993), American football player

Baseball players

* Carlos Almanzar, Dominican baseball player * Carlos Baerga, Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos Beltrán (born 1977), Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos Bernier, Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos Carrasco (baseball), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Casimiro, Dominican baseball player * Carlos Castillo (baseball), American baseball player * Carlos Corporán, Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos Crawford, American baseball player * Carlos Delgado (born 1972), Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos Diaz (catcher), American baseball player * Carlos Diaz (pitcher), American baseball player * Carlos Febles, Dominican baseball player * Carlos Fisher, American baseball player * Carlos García (baseball), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Gómez, Dominican baseball player * Carlos González (baseball), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Guevara, American baseball player * Carlos Guillén, Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Hernández (catcher), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Hernández (infielder), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Hernández (pitcher), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Lee (born 1976), Panamanian baseball player * Carlos Lezcano, Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos López (baseball), Mexican baseball player * Carlos Maldonado (catcher), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Maldonado (pitcher), Panamanian baseball player * Carlos Marmol, Dominican baseball player * Carlos Martínez (infielder), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Martínez (pitcher, born 1982), Dominican baseball player * Carlos Martínez (pitcher, born 1991), Dominican baseball player * Carlos May (born 1948), American baseball player * Carlos Méndez (baseball), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Mendoza (baseball), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Monasterios, Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Moore, American baseball player * Carlos Muñiz, American baseball player * Carlos Pascual (baseball), Cuban baseball player * Carlos Paula, Cuban baseball player * Carlos Peguero, Dominican baseball player * Carlos Peña, Dominican baseball player * Carlos Pérez (baseball), Dominican baseball player * Carlos Ponce (baseball), Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos Pulido, Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Quentin, American baseball player * Carlos Quintana (baseball), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Reyes (baseball), American baseball player * Carlos Rivera (baseball), Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos Rodríguez (baseball), Mexican baseball player * Carlos Rosa, Dominican baseball player * Carlos Ruiz (baseball) (born 1979), Panamanian baseball player * Carlos Santana (baseball), Dominican baseball player * Carlos Silva, Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Torres (pitcher), American baseball player * Carlos Triunfel, Dominican baseball player * Carlos Valderrama (baseball) (born 1977), Venezuelan baseball player * Carlos Valdez (baseball), Dominican baseball player * Carlos Velázquez (baseball), Puerto Rican baseball player * Carlos Villanueva (baseball), Dominican baseball player * Carlos Zambrano (born 1981), American baseball player

Basketball players

* Carlos Almeida, Angolan basketball player * Carlos Arroyo (born 1979), Puerto Rican basketball player * Carlos Delfino, (born 1982), Argentine NBA basketball player * Carlos Boozer, (born 1981), American NBA basketball player


* Carlos Jaramillo (born 1961), Colombian road cyclist * Carlos Alberto Contreras (born 1973), Colombian road cyclist * Carlos Humberto Cabrera (born 1973), Colombian road cyclist * Carlos Silva (cyclist) (born 1974), Colombian cyclist * Carlos Sastre (born 1975), Spanish cyclist * Carlos Alzate (born 1983), Colombian track and road cyclist


* Carlos Augusto Filho (born 1986), Brazilian mixed martial artist and kickboxer * Carlos Valcárcel (born 1981), Puerto Rican boxer * Carlos Varela (wrestler) (born 1966), Cuban wrestler * Carlos Julian Ortíz (born 1974), Cuban freestyle wrestler * Carlos Motta (judoka) (born 1955), Brazilian judoka * Carlos Fonseca (boxer) (born 1955), Brazilian boxer * Carlos Luis Campos (born 1980), Venezuelan boxer * Carly Colón (born 1979), professional wrestler, WWE * Carlos Condit (born 1984), American mixed martial artist * Carlos Honorato (born 1974), Brazilian judoka


* Carlos Abad (born 1995), Spanish footballer * Carlos Bocanegra (born 1979), American soccer player * Carlos Alberto Carvalho da Silva Júnior (born 1995), Brazilian football forward * Carlos Chaínho (born 1974), Portuguese footballer * Carlos Diogo (born 1983), Uruguayan footballer * Carlos Edwards (born 1978), Trinidadian footballer * Carlos Fernandes (footballer, born 1978), Portuguese football defender * Carlos Fernandes (footballer, born 1979), Portuguese football goalkeeper * Carlos Fernández (footballer, born 1984), Peruvian footballer * Carlos Fernández (footballer, born 1996), Spanish footballer * Carlos Gruezo (footballer, born 1975), Ecuadorian footballer * Carlos Gruezo (footballer, born 1995), Ecuadorian footballer * Carlos Guirland (born 1968), Paraguayan football midfielder * Carlos Isaac (footballer) (born 1988), Spanish footballer * Carlos Martins (footballer) (born 1982), Portuguese footballer * Carlos Muñoz Cobo (born 1961), Spanish footballer, known as "Carlos" * Carlos Muñoz (Chilean footballer) (born 1989), Chilean footballer * Carlos Muñoz (Ecuadorian footballer) (1967–1993), Ecuadorian footballer * Carlos Muñoz (Mexican footballer) (born 1959), Mexican footballer * Carlos Ochoa (born 1978), Mexican footballer * Carlos Queiroz (born 1953), Portuguese football manager * Carlos Santos de Jesus (born 1985), Brazilian football defender * Carlos Pérez Salvachúa (born 1973), Spanish football manager * Carlos Soca (born 1969), Uruguayan footballer * Carlos Tevez (born 1984), Argentine footballer * Carlos Valderrama (born 1961), Colombian footballer player known as ''El Pibe''


* Carlos Moreno (athlete) (born 1967), Chilean track and field sprinter * Carlos Patrício (born 1964), Portuguese long-distance runner * Carlos Retiz (born 1968), Mexican long-distance runner * Carlos Tarazona (born 1966), Venezuelan long-distance runner


* Carlos Berrocal (born 1957), Puerto Rican swimmer * Carlos Ventosa (born 1971), Spanish backstroke swimmer

Volleyball players

* Carlos Weber (born 1966), Argentine volleyball player * Carlos Carreño (born 1973), Spanish volleyball player * Carlos Teixeira (born 1976), Portuguese volleyball player * Carlos Tejeda (born 1980), Venezuelan volleyball player

Other people

* Carlos Acosta (born 1973), Cuban ballet dancer * Carlos Agostinho do Rosário (born 1954), Prime Minister of Mozambique * Carlos Anwandter (1801–1889), German political exile who emigrated to Chile * Carlos Arroyo (architect), Spanish architect * Carlos Arruza (1920–1966), Mexican bullfighter * Carlos Camacho (1924–1979), first elected governor of Guam * Carlos Cardoen (born 1942), Chilean metallurgical engineer * Carlos Castaneda (1925–1998), American author * Carlos Cheppi (born 1955), Argentine diplomat * Carlos Cisneros (born 1951), New Mexico state senator * Carlos Danger, 2013, alias used by New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner for sexting * Carlos Dominguez III (born 1945), Filipino businessman * Carlos Escudé (1948–2021), Argentine academic and writer * Carlos Fuentes (1928–2012), Mexican writer * Carlos P. Garcia (1896–1971), eighth Filipino president and poet * Carlos Ghosn (born 1954), former chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance * Carlos Gustavo Moreira, Brazilian mathematician * Carlos Gutierrez (born 1953), Cuban American, 35th U.S. Secretary of Commerce and former Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Kellogg Company * Carlos Howard, Governor of West Florida between 1792 and 93 * Carlos Marighella (1911–1969), Brazilian leading thinker on urban guerrilla warfare * Carlos Menchaca (born 1980), American politician, New York City Mayoral candidate * Brother Carlos Oliveira (born 1989), Christian exorcist, and deliverance minister * Carlos P. Romulo (1898–1985), Filipino politician who was formerly a president of the UN General Assembly * Carlos Salinas de Gortari (born 1948), President of Mexico from 1988–1994 * Carlos Simpson (born 1962), American mathematician * Carlos Slim (born 1940; full name Carlos Slim Helú), Mexican businessman * Carlos Slim Domit (born 1967), Mexican businessman and son of Carlos Slim Helú * Carlos the Jackal, the nom de guerre of Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (born 1949), a Venezuelan assassin and terrorist serving a life sentence for murder in France * Carlos Urbizo, Honduran politician and economist * Carlos Isagani Zarate (born 1967), Filipino politician

Multiple people

*Carlos Imperial (disambiguation)

Fictional characters

* Carlos, a character in the video game Saints Row 2 * Carlos, a character from ''The Magic School Bus'' series of children's books and movies * Carlos, a henchman to Le Chiffre in the 2006 James Bond film ''Casino Royale'' * Carlos, a character from the TV series ''Barney and Friends'' * Carlos, a meerkat in the 2005 to 2008 Animal Planet TV series ''Meerkat Manor'' * Carlos, a character from the ''Subway Surfers'' * Carlos, Cecil's boyfriend from ''Welcome to Nightvale'' *Carlos, a protagonist from the video game Zero Time Dilemma * Carlos De Vil, son of Cruella in ''Descendants'' * Carlos Lopez, a character in the ''Transformers'' Unicron Trilogy, voiced by Matt Hill * Carlos Miyamoto, one of the player characters in the SNES game, ''Final Fight 2'' * Carlos Nieto, a paramedic in the TV series ''Third Watch'' * Carlos Oliveira (Resident Evil), one of the two protagonists in ''Resident Evil 3: Nemesis'' * Carlos Rivera, a boxer from the manga and anime series ''Ashita no Joe'' * Carlos Solis, a character from ''Desperate Housewives'' * Carlos Vallerte, the character in two of the Power Rangers series * Carlos Molina, a character in Netflix's Julie and the Phantoms.

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