''Blunt Magazine'' is an online music magazine based in Australia. Previously based in print, the magazine is now predominantly online, with occasional physical releases. With historical covers featuring A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, Paramore, Green Day and Parkway Drive, the magazine is recognised as a significant publication in the international music industry.

History and profile

''Blunt'' was founded in 1999. It was previously published by Next Media. and is a music magazine, written by seasoned music journalists.Canadian Ethnic Media
/ref> The images found in ''Blunt Magazine'' are used from the contribution of various photographers and artists that work with the brand. The headquarters is in Sydney. Peyton Bernhardt is the current managing editor of ''Blunt Magazine''; Mike Hohnen is the current head of operations. The magazine, which has been in hiatus since 2016, was relaunched by the pair in January 2020.



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