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Best (surname) Best is a surname. In England the surname is of Anglo-Norman origin meaning the beast (beste). People with this surname: * Adam Best (actor) (born 1983), British actor * Adolfo "Fito" Best (1891–1964), Mexican painter, film director and scree ...
, people with the surname Best *
Best (footballer, born 1968) Artur Paulo Oliveira da Silva (born 24 December 1968 in Guimarães), known as Best, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper. Club career After unsuccessfully graduating at FC Porto's youth system, Best joined neighbourin ...
, retired Portuguese footballer

Companies and organizations

* Best & Co., an 1879–1971 clothing chain * Best Lock Corporation, a lock manufacturer * Best Manufacturing Company, a farm machinery company *
Best Products Best Products Company, Inc., or simply Best, was a chain of American catalog showroom retail stores founded by Sydney and Frances Lewis in 1957 and formerly headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The company was in existence for four decades befor ...
, a chain of catalog showroom retail stores * Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport, a public transport and utility provider * Best High School (disambiguation)


* Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature, a project to assess global temperature records *
BEST Robotics BEST (''Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology'') is a national six-week robotics competition in the United States held each fall, designed to help interest middle school and high school students in possible engineering careers. The game ...
, a student competition * BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport *
Bootstrap error-adjusted single-sample technique In statistics, the bootstrap error-adjusted single-sample technique (BEST or the BEAST) is a non-parametric method that is intended to allow an assessment to be made of the validity of a single sample. It is based on estimating a probability dist ...
, a statistical method * Bringing Examination and Search Together, a European Patent Office initiative * Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training, a program of the Sustainable South Bronx organization *
Smart BEST The Smart BEST is an experimental Japanese two-car self-charging battery electric multiple unit (BEMU) train developed and manufactured by Kinki Sharyo in 2012 to demonstrate the feasibility of battery train technology for use on non-electrifi ...
, a Japanese experimental train * Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport, in Mumbai, India

Film and television

* ''Best'' (film), a 2000 George Best biopic * ''The Best'' (TV series), a 2002 British cooking programme * '' Best: His Mother's Son'', a 2009 made-for-TV drama about George Best's mother


* The Best (band), a music supergroup featuring Keith Emerson, John Entwistle and others * Best (band), now known as Mclusky


* ''Best'' (After School album), 2015 * ''Best'' (Akina Nakamori album), 1986 * ''Best'' (Garnet Crow album), 2005 * ''Best'' (High and Mighty Color album), 2008 * ''Best'' (Kenny G album), 2006 * ''Best'' (Mika Nakashima album), 2005 * ''Best'' (Robert Earl Keen album), 2006 * ''Best!'' (Jellyfish album), 2006 * ''
A Best ''A Best'' (stylized as ''BEST'') is the first greatest hits album by Japanese singer-songwriter Ayumi Hamasaki. It was released on March 28, 2001, by Avex Trax and Avex Group, Avex Music Creative Inc. Hamasaki had originally planned to release t ...
'', by Ayumi Hamasaki, 2001 * ''The Best'' (Ana Gabriel album), 1992 * ''The Best'' (Ariana Grande album), 2017 * ''The Best'' (Bonnie Tyler album) or the 1988 title song (see below), 1993 * ''The Best'' (Dan Seals album), 1987 * ''The Best'' (David Lee Roth album), 1997 * ''The Best'' (Despina Vandi album), 2001 * ''The Best'' (Edmond Leung album), 1994 * ''The Best'' (George Clinton album), 1995 * ''The Best'' (Girls' Generation album), 2014 * ''The Best'' (James Reyne album), 1992 * ''The Best'' (Janet Jackson album) or ''Number Ones'', 2009 * ''The Best'' (Leo Kottke album), 1976 * ''The Best'' (t.A.T.u. album), 2006 * ''The Best'' (Yōko Oginome album), 1985 * ''The Best'' (video), by Bonfire, 1993 * '' Aya Matsuura Best 1'', 2005 * '' Best... I'', by the Smiths, 1992 * '' ...Best II'', by the Smiths, 1992 * '' Best 1991–2004'', by Seal, 2004 * '' Best: Bounce & Lovers'', by Koda Kumi, 2007 * '' Best: Fan's Selection'', by X Japan, 2001 * '' Best: First Things'', by Koda Kumi, 2005 * '' Best: Second Session'', by Koda Kumi, 2006 * '' Best: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7'', 2003 * '' Best: Third Universe'', by Koda Kumi, 2010 * ''
Best! Morning Musume 1 is the first "best of" compilation from the J-pop idol group Morning Musume , formerly simply and colloquially referred to as , are a Japanese girl group, holding the second highest overall single sales (of a female group) on the Oricon char ...
'', 2001 * '' Best! Morning Musume 2'', 2004 * '' Best! Morning Musume 20th Anniversary'', 2019 * '' The Best!: Updated Morning Musume'', 2013 * '' The Best '03–'09'', by Yuko Ando, 2009 * '' The Best: Make the Music Go Bang!'', by X, 2004 * '' The Best: Sittin' in Again'', by Loggins and Messina, 2005 * ''Best'', by the Clark Sisters, 1986


* "The Best" (song), by Bonnie Tyler, 1988; covered by Tina Turner, 1989 * "The Best", by …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead from '' Worlds Apart'', 2005 * "The Best", by Anthony Ramos from the soundtrack of the film '' Space Jam: A New Legacy'', 2021 * "The Best", by Awolnation from '' Angel Miners & the Lightning Riders'', 2020

Other uses

.best This list of Internet top-level domains (TLD) contains top-level domains, which are those domains in the DNS root zone of the Domain Name System of the Internet. A list of the top-level domains by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) ...
, an Internet top-level domain *
The Best FIFA Football Awards The Best FIFA Football Awards is an association football award presented annually by the sport's governing body, FIFA. The first awarding ceremony was held on 9 January 2017 in Zürich, Switzerland. The award is aimed at reviving the FIFA Wo ...
* Best, Netherlands, a municipality in the southern Netherlands * Best bitter, a type of beer * Best disease, a disease of the eye * The Best (PlayStation), PlayStation budget range in Japan * ''Best'' magazine, a UK weekly woman's magazine

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All My Best (disambiguation) All My Best may refer to: Music Albums *''All My Best'', by Roger Whittaker *''All My Best'', by Mickey Gilley (1982) * ''All My Best'' (Ricky Nelson album), a studio album re-recording of old hits (1985) *''All My Best'', by Burl Ives (1995) *'' ...
* Best II (disambiguation) *
Das Beste (disambiguation) Das Beste, German for "The Best", may refer to: * ''Das Beste'', an album by Adoro, 2013 * ''Das Beste'', an album by Culcha Candela Culcha Candela is a dancehall, hip hop, house and reggae group from Berlin, Germany. Sources say they formed a ...
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