Bakool ( so, Bakool, ar, بكول) is a region (''Regions of Somalia, gobol'') in southwestern Somalia.


It is bordered by the Somali regions of Hiiraan, Bay, Somalia, Bay and Gedo. Bakool, like Gedo and Bay, as well as most parts of the Jubbada Dhexe (Middle Juba) region, used to be a part of the old Upper Region, which was subdivided in the mid-1980s. It has its capital at Xuddur. In March 2014, Somali Armed Forces assisted by an Ethiopian battalion with AMISOM re-captured the Bakool province's capital Hudur from the Al-Shabaab (militant group), Al-Shabaab militant group. The offensive was part of an intensified military operation by the allied forces to remove the insurgent group from the remaining areas in southern Somalia under its control.


The Bakool region consists of Six districts: *Tiyeegloow District * Buurdhuxunle District *Yeed District *Waajid District *Xuddur District *El Barde District ″https://www.unocha.org/sites/dms/Somalia/UNDP-POP-RURAL-URBAN%202005.pdf

Major towns

*Rabdhuure *Wajid, Somalia, Waajid *Xuddur *Tiyeegloow *Yow Kooyow *El-berde *Qurajome *Buurdhuxunle *Garasweyne *Moragabey *Kulan-Jereer *Buur-Edow *Warshiire *Sedax-Buurood *Boodaan *Wardhujiiley *Kurta


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