The Australian cricket team in England in 1905 played 35 first-class cricket, first-class matches including 5 Tests. Australia was captained by Joe Darling. The England captain in all five Tests was Stanley Jackson.

The touring team

* Joe Darling (captain (cricket), captain) * Monty Noble (vice-captain) * Warwick Armstrong * Tibby Cotter * Reggie Duff * Algy Gehrs * Syd Gregory * Clem Hill * Bert Hopkins * Bill Howell (cricketer), Bill Howell * Jim Kelly (Australian cricketer), Jim Kelly * Frank Laver * Charlie McLeod * Phil Newland * Victor Trumper Laver was the player-manager, assisted by Newland.

Test series summary

England won the Test series 2–0, with three matches drawn.

First Test

The Australian second innings in this match still holds the record for the lowest innings total (188) when a bowler conceded 100 runs (BJT Bosanquet 8/107).

Second Test

Third Test

Fourth Test

Fifth Test


Annual reviews

* ''Wisden Cricketers' Almanack'' 1906

Further reading

* Bill Frindall, ''The Wisden Book of Test Cricket 1877-1978'', Wisden, 1979 * Alan Gibson, ''Jackson's Year'', Cassell, 1965 * Chris Harte, ''A History of Australian Cricket'', Andre Deutsch, 1993 * Ray Robinson (cricket writer), Ray Robinson, ''On Top Down Under'', Cassell, 1975

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