Arnoldo Zocchi (also Arnaldo) (20 September 1862 – 17 July 1940) was a noted Italian sculptor of the late 19th and early 20th century. He was born in Florence and died in Rome. He studied sculpture in Florence under his father Emilio Zocchi.



*Four Winged Victories at the Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II n Rome (co-work with three other sculptors) *Monument to Garibaldi in Bologna (1901) *Monument to Michelangelo in Caprese Michelangelo (1911) *Monument to the Martyrs of the Altamuran Revolution *Monument to the Fallen in Sarteano *Monument to the Fallen in World War I in Nomentano, Rome (1938) *Monument to Manuel Belgrano in Genoa (1927) *Monument to Piero della Francesca in Sansepolcro (1892) *Monument to Christopher Columbus in Lavagna (1930)


*Demetra fountain in Plovdiv (1891), *Monument of Liberty in Rousse (1900s) *Monument to the Tsar Liberator in Sofia (1907) *Monument to Hristo Botev in Vratsa *Various works in Sevlievo (1894), Lovech, Oryahovo (1903), the Dryanovo Monastery and Vidin (1911)

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*Monument to Christopher Columbus in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1921)Buenos Aires: Columbus Monument
at columbus.vanderkrogt.net
*Monument to Saint Francis of Assisi in Cairo, Egypt *Monument to General Lafayette in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA


Image:Tsar-liberator-imagesfrombulgaria.jpg|Monument to the Tsar Liberator, Sofia Image:Rousse Monument of Liberty Statue.jpg|Monument of Liberty, Rousse Image:Dryanovo TodorBozhinov (1).JPG|Monument to the Fallen for the Liberation of Bulgaria in the Dryanovo Monastery File:Monumento_equestre_a_Giuseppe_Garibaldi,_lato_sinistro_(Bologna).JPG|Monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi (1901, Bologna) Image:Monumento_martiri_1799.jpg|Monument to the Martyrs of the Altamuran Revolution (1899, Altamura) Image:Colon_monument_buenos_aires_2011.jpg|Monument to Christopher Columbus, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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