Arnold may refer to:


* Arnold (given name), a masculine German, Dutch, Polish, and English given name * Arnold (surname), a German and English surname * Arnold Schwarzenegger (born 1947), Austrian-American actor, bodybuilder and politician



* Arnold, Victoria, a small town in the Australian state of Victoria


* Arnold, Nova Scotia

United Kingdom

* Arnold, East Riding of Yorkshire * Arnold, Nottinghamshire

United States

* Arnold, California, in Calaveras County * Arnold, Carroll County, Illinois * Arnold, Morgan County, Illinois * Arnold, Iowa * Arnold, Kansas * Arnold, Maryland * Arnold, Mendocino County, California * Arnold, Michigan * Arnold, Minnesota * Arnold, Missouri * Arnold, Nebraska * Arnold, Ohio * Arnold, Pennsylvania * Arnold, Texas * Arnold, Brooke County, West Virginia * Arnold, Lewis County, West Virginia * Arnold, Wisconsin * Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Massachusetts * Arnold Township, Custer County, Nebraska

Other uses

* Arnold (automobile), a short-lived English car * Arnold of Manchester, a former English coachbuilder * Arnold (band), an English indie band * Arnold (comic strip), ''Arnold'' (comic strip), a comic strip from the mid-1980s * Arnold (crater), crater on the Moon * Arnold (film), ''Arnold'' (film), a 1973 American comedy horror film * Arnold (Hey Arnold!), Arnold (''Hey Arnold!''), the main character of the Nickelodeon series ''Hey Arnold!'' * Arnold (models), a toy and model railway company * Arnold (software), 3D rendering software * Arnold Worldwide, an American advertising agency * Arnold Town F.C., an English football team * Edward Arnold (publisher), a British publishing house with its head office in London, founded in 1890

See also

* Arnaud (disambiguation), French equivalent given name * Arnie (disambiguation) * Arnold of Arnoldsweiler (8th century), saint of the Roman Catholic Church * Arnold of Soissons (1040–1087), saint of the Roman Catholic Church * Justice Arnold (disambiguation) {{disambiguation, geo