''Arachniodes'' is a fern genus in the family Dryopteridaceae (wood ferns), subfamily Dryopteridoideae, in the Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group classification of 2016 (PPG I). A number of species in this genus are known as "holly ferns". The genus ''Arachniodes'' was first published by Carl Ludwig von Blume in 1828, with the single Indonesian species ''Arachniodes aspidioides''. The genus was not widely recognized until Mary Douglas Tindale transferred the two species (''Byrsopteris amabilis'' and ''Byrsopteris aristata'') into it in 1961.Tindale, Mary Douglas; ''Contributions from the New South Wales National Herbarium'' 3(1): 90. 1961.


The Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group classification of 2016 (PPG I) considers ''Arachniodes'' to have 60 species. , the ''Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World'' accepted 78 species: *''Arachniodes ailaoshanensis'' Ching *''Arachniodes amabilis'' (Blume) Tindale *''Arachniodes amoena'' (Ching) Ching *''Arachniodes aristata'' (G.Forst.) Tindale *''Arachniodes assamica'' (Kuhn) Ohwi *''Arachniodes bella'' (C.Chr.) Ching *''Arachniodes blinii'' (H.Lév.) Nakaike *''Arachniodes carvifolia'' (Kunze) Ching *''Arachniodes caudata'' Ching *''Arachniodes cavaleriei'' (Christ) Ohwi *''Arachniodes chinensis'' (Rosenst.) Ching *''Arachniodes coniifolia'' (T.Moore) Ching *''Arachniodes cornucervi'' (D.Don) Fraser-Jenk. *''Arachniodes daklakensis'' Li Bing Zhang, N.T.Lu & X.M.Zhou *''Arachniodes davalliaeformis'' (Christ) Nakaike *''Arachniodes denticulata'' (Sw.) Ching *''Arachniodes fengii'' Ching *''Arachniodes festina'' (Hance) Ching *''Arachniodes formosa'' (Fée) Ching *''Arachniodes formosissima'' (Goldm.) Nakaike *''Arachniodes gigantea'' Ching *''Arachniodes globisora'' (Hayata) Ching *''Arachniodes grossa'' (Tardieu & C.Chr.) Ching *''Arachniodes hainanensis'' (Ching) Ching *''Arachniodes haniffii'' (Holttum) Ching *''Arachniodes hehaii'' Li Bing Zhang, N.T.Lu & X.F.Gao *''Arachniodes hekiana'' Kurata *''Arachniodes henryi'' (Christ) Ching *''Arachniodes hiugana'' Sa. Kurata *''Arachniodes hunanensis'' Ching *''Arachniodes insularis'' W.H.Wagner *''Arachniodes japonica'' (Kurata) Nakaike *''Arachniodes jinpingensis'' Y.T.Hsieh *''Arachniodes leucostegioides'' (C.Chr.) Ching *''Arachniodes longicaudata'' Li Bing Zhang, N.T.Lu & Liang Zhang *''Arachniodes longipinna'' Ching *''Arachniodes microlepioides'' (C.Chr.) comb. ined. *''Arachniodes miqueliana'' (Maxim. ex Franch. & Sav.) Ohwi *''Arachniodes miyakei'' (H.Itô) Shimura ex Nakaike *''Arachniodes mutica'' (Franch. & Sav.) Ohwi *''Arachniodes neopodophylla'' (Ching) Nakaike *''Arachniodes nigrospinosa'' (Ching) Ching *''Arachniodes nipponica'' (Rosenst.) Ohwi *''Arachniodes oosorae'' H.Itô *''Arachniodes palmipes'' (Kunze) Fraser-Jenk. *''Arachniodes pseudoaristata'' (Tagawa) Ohwi *''Arachniodes pseudoassamica'' Ching *''Arachniodes pseudorepens'' Nakaike *''Arachniodes puncticulata'' (Alderw.) Ching *''Arachniodes quadripinnata'' (Hayata) Seriz. *''Arachniodes quangnamensis'' Li Bing Zhang, N.T.Lu & Liang Zhang *''Arachniodes repens'' Kurata *''Arachniodes rhomboidea'' (Schott) Ching *''Arachniodes rigidissima'' (Hook.) Ching *''Arachniodes sarasiniorum'' (Christ) Nakaike *''Arachniodes simplicior'' (Makino) Ohwi *''Arachniodes simulans'' (Ching) Ching *''Arachniodes sinomiqueliana'' (Ching) Ohwi *''Arachniodes sinorhomboidea'' Ching *''Arachniodes sledgei'' Fraser-Jenk. *''Arachniodes spectabilis'' (Ching) Ching *''Arachniodes squamulosa'' R.C.Moran & B. Øllg. *''Arachniodes standishii'' (T.Moore) Ohwi *''Arachniodes subamabilis'' Kurata *''Arachniodes superba'' Fraser-Jenk. *''Arachniodes tomitae'' Sa. Kurata *''Arachniodes tonkinensis'' (Ching) Ching *''Arachniodes tripinnata'' (Goldm.) Sledge *''Arachniodes tsiangiana'' (Ching) Nakaike *''Arachniodes webbiana'' (A.Braun) Schelpe *''Arachniodes wulingshanensis'' S.F.Wu *''Arachniodes yakusimensis'' (H.Itô) Nakaike *''Arachniodes ziyunshanensis'' Y.T.Xie Some hybrids were also accepted: *''Arachniodes'' × ''azuminoensis'' Fujiw., Y.Matsuda, Yu. Abe & Otsuka *''Arachniodes'' × ''chibaensis'' Yashiro *''Arachniodes'' × ''clivorum'' Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''ikeminensis'' Seriz. *''Arachniodes'' × ''kenzo-satakei'' (Kurata) Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''kurosawae'' Shimura & Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''masakii'' Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''minamitanii'' Sa. Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''mirabilis'' Sa. Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''mitsuyoshiana'' Sa. Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''pseudohekiana'' Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''respiciens'' Sa. Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''sahashii'' Fraser-Jenk. & Kandel *''Arachniodes'' × ''sasamotoi'' Kurata *''Arachniodes'' × ''takayamensis'' Seriz.


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