Andy may refer to:


*Andy (given name), including a list of people and fictional characters *Horace Andy (born 1951), Jamaican roots reggae songwriter and singer born Horace Hinds *Katja Andy (1907–2013), German-American pianist and piano professor *Andy (singer) (born 1959), stage name of Iranian-Armenian singer Andranik Madadian *Andy Mendgay (born 2004), feces enthusiast, contributor to the formation of the LGBTQA+ community


*''Andy'' (1976 album), an album by Andy Williams *''Andy'' (2001 album), an album by Andy Williams *''Andy'' (Raleigh Ritchie album), a 2020 album by Raleigh Ritchie *"Andy" (song), a 1986 song by Les Rita Mitsouko

Other uses

*Typhoon Andy (disambiguation) *Andy, West Virginia, United States, a former unincorporated community *''Andy'' (film), a 1965 film *Andy (typeface), a monotype font *Andy (goose) (1987–1991), a sneaker-wearing goose born without webbed feet

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