Anzhou District () formerly An County is a
district A district is a type of administrative division that, in some countries, is managed by the local government. Across the world, areas known as "districts" vary greatly in size, spanning regions or County, counties, several Municipality, municipali ...
of the city of
Mianyang Mianyang () is the second largest prefecture-level city Image:Yangxin-renmin-huanyin-ni-0022.jpg, A road sign shows distance to the "Huangshi urban area" () rather than simply "Huangshi" (). This is a useful distinction, because the sign is locat ...

, in northeastern
Sichuan Sichuan (, Standard Chinese, Standard Mandarin pronunciation: ; Postal romanization, alternatively romanized as Szechuan or Szechwan) is a landlocked Provinces of China, province in Southwest China occupying most of the Sichuan Basin and the ...

province, China. It has an area of and a population of 440,000.

Administrative divisions

Anzhou has 15 towns and three
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.Profile of An County
. *Towns: **Huagai (花荄镇) **Sangzao (桑枣镇) **Huangtu (黄土镇) **Tashui (塔水镇) **Xiushui (秀水镇) **Heqing (河清镇) **Jiepai (界牌镇) **Yonghe (永河镇) **Jushui (睢水镇) **Qingquan (清泉镇) **Baolin (宝林镇) **Feishui (沸水镇) **Xiaoba (晓坝镇) **Lexing (乐兴镇) **Qianfo (千佛镇) *Townships: **Xingren (兴仁乡) **Gaochuan (高川乡) **Yingxin (迎新乡)


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