The American Statistical Association (ASA) is the main professional organization for
statistician A statistician is a person who works with theoretical or applied statistics. The profession exists in both the private and public sectors. It is common to combine statistical knowledge with expertise in other subjects, and statisticians may ...
s and related professionals in the United States. It was founded in Boston, Massachusetts on November 27, 1839, and is the second oldest continuously operating professional society in the US (only the
Massachusetts Medical Society The Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) is the oldest continuously operating state medical association in the United States. Incorporated on November 1, 1781, by an act of the Massachusetts General Court, the MMS is a non-profit organization t ...
, founded in 1781, is older). The ASA services statisticians, quantitative scientists, and users of
statistics Statistics (from German: '' Statistik'', "description of a state, a country") is the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. In applying statistics to a scientific, indus ...
across many academic areas and applications. The association publishes a variety of journals and sponsors several international conferences every year.


The organization's mission is to promote good application of statistical science, specifically to: * support excellence in statistical practice, research, journals, and meetings * work for the improvement of statistical education at all levels * promote the proper application of statistics * anticipate and meet member needs * use the discipline of statistics to enhance human welfare * seek opportunities to advance the statistics profession


ASA has about 18,000 members, found in government, academia, and the private sector.


New Fellowships of the ASA are granted annually by the ASA Committee on Fellows. Candidates must have been members for the preceding three years but may be nominated by anyone. The maximum number of recipients each year is one-third of one percent of the ASA membership.

Organizational structure

ASA is organized in Sections, Chapters and Committees. Chapters are arranged geographically, representing 78 areas across the US and
Canada Canada is a country in North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering over , making it the world's second-largest country by total ...
. An example of an early and large chapter is the SoCalASA. Sections are subject-area and industry-area interest groups covering 22 sub-disciplines. ASA has more than 60 committees coordinating meetings, publications, education, careers, and special-interest topics involving statisticians.

Accredited Professional Statistician

, the ASA offers the Accredited Professional Statistician status (PStat), to members who meet the ASA's credentialing requirements, which include an advanced degree in statistics or related quantitative field, five years of documented experience, and evidence of professional competence. A list of current members with PStat status is available. The ASA also offers the Graduate Statistician status (GStat) as of April 2014. It serves as a preparatory accreditation suitable for graduate students.


The ASA publishes several
scientific journal In academic publishing, a scientific journal is a periodical publication intended to further the progress of science, usually by reporting new research. Content Articles in scientific journals are mostly written by active scientists such a ...
s: *''
Journal of the American Statistical Association The ''Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA)'' is the primary journal published by the American Statistical Association, the main professional body for statisticians in the United States. It is published four times a year in March, ...
'' (JASA) *'' The American Statistician'' (TAS) *'' Journal of Business & Economic Statistics'' (JBES) *'' Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics'' (JABES) *'' Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics'' (JCGS) *''
Technometrics Technometrics is a journal of statistics for the physical, chemical, and engineering sciences, published quarterly since 1959 by the American Society for Quality and the American Statistical Association The American Statistical Association (ASA) ...
'' (TECH) Online-only journals: *'' Journal of Statistics Education'' (JSE) *'' Journal of Statistical Software'' (JSS) The ASA co-sponsors the ''
Current Index to Statistics The Current Index to Statistics is an online database published by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the American Statistical Association that contains bibliographic data of articles in statistics, probability, and related fields. It w ...
'' (CIS) Quarterly magazine: '' Chance'' The monthly magazine for members ''Amstat News'' is available online. Historical publications include: * Edward Jarvis, William Brigham and John Wingate Thornton, ''Memorial of the American Statistical Association Praying the Adoption of Measures for the Correction of Errors in the Census'', 1844 * Publications of the American Statistical Association, 1888-1919 (Vols. 1-16) and Quarterly Publications of the American Statistical Association, 1920-1921


Meetings provide a platform for scholars and practitioners to exchange research, job opportunities and ideas with each other. ASA holds an annual meeting called
Joint Statistical Meetings The Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) is a professional conference/ academic conference for statisticians held annually every year since 1840 (usually in August). Billed as "the largest gathering of statisticians held in North America", JSM has att ...
(JSM), a conference on statistical methodologies and applications called Spring Research Conference (SRC), Conference on Statistical Practice (CSP), and sponsors multiple international meetings and special-interest group meetings.

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