A referendum on autonomy was held in
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe (; ; gcf, label=Antillean Creole Antillean Creole (Antillean French Creole, Kreyol, Kwéyòl, Patois) is a French-based creole languages, French-based creole, which is primarily spoken in the Lesser Antilles. Its grammar and voca ...
on 7 December 2003.Guadeloupe (France), 7 December 2003: Inner Autonomy
Direct Democracy
Voters were asked whether they wanted the island to become a
territorial collectivity A territorial collectivity (or territorial authority, french: collectivité territoriale, previously ') is a chartered subdivision Subdivision may refer to: Arts and entertainment * Subdivision (metre), in music * Subdivision (film), ''Subdivisi ...
,Arrondissements of Guadeloupe
which would have given the regional government more autonomy.
The Internationalist, October 2010 The proposal was rejected by 73% of voters. In simultaneous referendums,
Saint MartinSaint Martin may refer to: People * Saint Martin of Tours (c. 316–397), Bishop of Tours, France * Saint Martin of Braga (c. 520–580), archbishop of Bracara Augusta in Gallaecia (now Braga in Portugal) * Pope Martin I (598–655) * Saint Martin ...
Saint Barthélemy Saint Barthélemy (french: Saint-Barthélemy, ), officially the , is an overseas collectivity The France, French overseas collectivities ('':fr:collectivité d'outre-mer, collectivité d'outre-mer'' or ''COM''), are first-order administr ...
both voted to become
overseas collectivities The French overseas collectivities (''collectivité d'outre-mer The French overseas collectivities ('' collectivité d'outre-mer'' or ''COM''), are first-order administrative divisions of France, like the regions of France, French regions, bu ...
, gaining autonomy from Guadeloupe.



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