''18: Eighteen'' is the debut studio album by
Nana Kitade is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician. In addition to being the lead singer of the rock band The Teenage Kissers, she has (or had) success as a solo artist, model, actress, and fashion designer. Kitade is particularly known for her songs ...

Nana Kitade
. It was originally released August 24, 2005 in Japan. The album peaked at #16 on the
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chart and charted for five weeks.Nana Kitade - 18: Eighteen
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On September 7, Kitade held a special one-man live show, which was titled ''Nana Kitade Live Showcase '18: Eighteen, in Shibuya-Ax. First press editions of the album included a ticket to the live show and handshake event. On December 7, she released a DVD called ''Nana Kitade: 18Movies''. The DVD consists of all her music videos up until this point, clips from her one-man live show, commercials for her releases, and a studio recording of "Kesenai Tsumi". The album was released in
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on July 11, 2006 through
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due to increased popularity overseas.

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;Notes * "Utareru Ame" is titled "Break Out" on the U.S. Edition of the album.



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