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What is the "Did You Know" game?  its an one-up-manship "contest" to see who can find the most interesting and odd fact or story.

How do you play the "Did You Know" game?

1. Get a group of friends together on their laptops and suggest the "Did You Know" Game.
2. Explaing how it works by following the steps below.
3. Go to and enter a topic of something common like "dog".
4. Look down the list and select something  that is not common knowledge like "Turnspit dog".
5. Ask your friend "Did You Know" that there is such a thing called a "Turnnspit dog"?
6. Then explain what it is.
7. Who ever stumps the most people wins.
8. What do you win?  The satification of feeling like you are smarter than everyone else.
9. Go to work or school and ask people "Do you know what a turnspit dog is?
10. Sound super smart by telling people something they did not know!

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